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Amazon breaks more new ground in Africa

Amazon’s expansion around the world has continued with the launch of a dedicated platform in Egypt.

Amazon has been operating in the country since 2017 through its company souq.com, but will now carry its own name at amazon.eg in what is the Arab world’s most populous country.

“The introduction of Amazon Seller Central in Egypt is a key milestone in our journey to continue supporting local Egyptian businesses of all sizes,” said Omar Elsahy, general manager of Amazon and souq.com in Egypt.

“With a wealth of great retailers, sellers, brands, and handicrafts, we are excited to be working hand-in-hand with the industrial sector in Egypt to continue serving customers across the country. Their success is our success, as we remain committed to providing customers with a great shopping experience supported by what they tell us they value the most - low prices and vast selection, paired with fast delivery.

“The largest household brands, as well as emerging ones, all sell on Amazon globally, and we are excited to bring this experience to the thousands of diverse sellers in Egypt in preparation of the launch of Amazon.eg.”

Amazon launched amazon.ae in the UAE in May 2019 after acquiring the home-grown e-commerce company Souq for $580 million in 2017. It launched amazon.sa in Saudi Arabia in June last year.

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White believes the move is more significant than just a name change. He explained: “Such is the power and reach of the Amazon brand globally that this will provide a major boost for Sellers in Egypt.

“Amazon already operates a widespread local logistics and operations network across Egypt, including its main fulfilment center supported by 15 delivery stations across the country. Amazon also has established corporate and customer services offices, and a total local workforce of over 3,000.

“Souq was undoubtedly a recognised brand as well, but joining the worldwide Amazon network is likely to see an upturn in sales for those using the platform. It could also encourage more new Sellers to look to Amazon as an outlet for their products.

“From a wider point of view, the move illustrates Amazon’s unstinting efforts to spread their reach as far and wide as possible, and that will continue throughout the second half of 2021 and beyond. Even in countries where they already owned major online platforms, such as Egypt, they are pushing ahead with incorporating their own brand.”

Selling partners already operating on souq.com can now access Amazon Seller Central. The company is inviting them to experience the new features of the seller tool and validate their account information to begin selling on Amazon.eg as soon as the site is launched. Local businesses ready to begin selling online with Amazon for the first time can also register their accounts via sell.amazon.eg.

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