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Protect Your Amazon Store Today

Monitor & Protect Software

The Only Amazon Seller Service To Protect Your Amazon Business

  • Instant alerts about issues that would cause a suspension or harm your sales 
  • Available to Amazon Sellers in All Countries on All Marketplaces
  • Automatically Monitor 100% of your ASIN's
  • 24/7 Instant Alerts
  • Buybox Alerts, Product Review, Image & Price change Alerts
  • Hijacker Notifications, Product Suppression Alerts
  • Instant Email Notifications Up to 5 users
  • Cease & Desist emails issued 
  • Simple Set Up, Ready to go Live in Seconds
  • Trusted by over 1,000 Successful Amazon Sellers
  • Start Your 1 Month Free Trial (no payment details needed)

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Here's a Short Video Explaining How 'Monitor & Protect' Works

Here's a Short Video Explaining How 'Monitor & Protect' Works

Protect Your Amazon Store Today

How will 'Monitor and Protect' help my Amazon Business?

Our Monitor & Protect service is for Amazon Sellers of all sizes.

  1. Our Monitor & Protect service includes real time alerts that warn you about any Health and Policy Violations which could lead to a suspension. This means you can put them right immediately. 

  2. We will notify you immediately about negative feedback, so you can reach the buyer immediately and resolve the issue in the quickest possible time.

  3. Get notified immediately via email when other Sellers (hijacker, piggy backer) begin to sell on your listing.

  4. Track new defects found by Amazon in your listings to avoid sales loss. This will improve your chances of winning the 'Amazon Buy Box'

  5. Free Amazon Seller Account Suspension Appeal - should you need it

  6. 3 Product Suspension Appeals (per month) should you ever need them

  7. Instant email notifications about all major actions by your competitors - such as changes in price, out of stock, lost buy box

  8. Protect Your Private Label - receive instant emails when other Sellers sell your product

  9. 24/7 Support to help Monitor & Protect Your Amazon Account

Protect Your Amazon Store Today

FAQ about Monitor & Protect


What Amazon marketplaces are supported?

We support all Amazon marketplaces including


USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil


UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey


India, Japan, Singapore.

Middle East

United Arab Emirates




I already use other software with Amazon. Can I use Monitor & Protect as well?

Yes. Monitor & Protect works independently and does not interact with other software for Amazon sellers.


How often does Monitor & Protect check my Amazon ASINs and account health?

Monitor & Protect checks the health of your account and ASINs instantly. It is the quickest instant Amazon Monitoring software available!


I have multiple Amazon seller accounts. Is Monitor & Protect right for my Amazon business?

Yes, all your accounts can be monitored and protected with one Monitor & Protect account. Just one fixed flat fee.

Does Monitor & Protect track my competitors?

Yes, you can track your ASINs, or a competitor ASINs, with Monitor & Protect software.


How does this Amazon monitoring software work?

Monitor & Protect is designed to instantly check your ASINs in real time, just as if you were checking them yourselves.


How many ASIN’s can Monitor & Protect monitor?

All of your ASINs with a fixed fee of £200 per month.


Can I cancel the Monitor & Protect Service at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. There is no contract it’s a monthly pay as you go service.

How much does it cost?

Thompson and Holt's Monitor & Protect service cost £200 per month and includes unlimited marketplaces, unlimited ASINs, should you need them it also includes free appeal and plan of action for an account suspension, 3 product ASIN appeals each month.


What is protect?

Should the worst happen and your account is suspended Thompson and Holt will assign you your own personal Case Handler who will work with you until your account is reinstated. You will also receive 3 free product/ASIN appeals each month.


Will I be notified about negative feedback?

Yes, you will receive instant notifications about negative feedback from Amazon buyers. This will allow you to take immediate action.


Will I receive notifications about losing the ‘Buy’ box?

Absolutely, losing the buy box could cost you thousands in lost sales. You will be notified immediately.


Is the Monitor & Protect software compliant with Amazon?

Yes, it’s 100% compliant with Amazons ToS.


Can I monitor my ASINs to protect my private label?

Yes you will receive instant notifications when hijackers or piggybackers start to sell your ASIN. This will allow you to deal with hijackers immediately through a cease and desist letter or report them to Amazon. This could save you thousands from lost sales.


Can I monitor FBA Fee overcharges?

Yes, any dimension changes that cause an increase in FBA fees result in an immediate notification sent to you. Once you have this notification send a request to Amazon for a refund of the charges.


Will I be notified about Amazon product listing issues?

Yes, you will receive an instant notification should Amazon remove one of your listings so you can fix the issue. These issues are usually caused by buyer complaints such as used sold as new, safety complaints, not as described, not as advertised, counterfeit etc.  


Will I be notified if Amazon merges listings?

Yes, you will receive an instant message with the details.


Will I be notified if another Seller changes the title or description of a product?

Yes, you will receive an alert which shows the details that have been changed.

Will I receive too many alerts?

This is possible depending upon how many ASINs you have listed. The good news is that you can disable some notifications. For example if you don't need the price change alerts you can disable these.

If you have a question that needs answering then please email here

Monitor & Protect Your Amazon Store 

"I subscribed to the Monitor and Protect software after using Thompson and Holt to reinstate some products.  I was constantly receiving complaints about our products that we were sending out goods different to the ASINs.  Because these were our own products we found out that other sellers were changing the images to enable themselves to send their product. 


The Monitor and Protect software keeps an eye on this for me, and with over 5,000 products this is something that I can not do manually, and it alerts me every time one of the images is changed, enabling me to change the image back and notify Amazon of the issue. 


Since we have signed up we have not had one product that has been suspended due to this problem.  This in itself saves us more than the monthly fee. 


Keep up the good work." 

thompson and holt monitoring alerts.jpg
  • Ivan 

  • Ireland 

  • European Amazon Seller

  • Since 2015 

  • Turnover E1,500,000

thompson and holt monitor and
  • Joanne and Debbie 
  • US
  • Private Label Sellers
  • Started Selling 2016
  • $500,000 turnover

"We sell private label goods on Amazon and our products were constantly getting hijacked.  This was costing me a fortune in lost money.  I decided to use this Monitor And Protect and let this company keep watch on the products. 


We have been using the service for 12 months and so far it has not failed me.  The notifications come through straight away and we sort out the issues together. 


When we have had products suspended, thompson and holt have provided everything for us to get the products selling again.  What we like is they tell me straight what the problems are, and we work on this together. 



"I was looking for a little peace of mind when it comes to suspensions with my Amazon store.  As a new seller I have heard about the number of sellers getting suspended and the companies having troubles due to cashflow issues.  I did not want this to happen to me. 


As soon as I started my store I decided to sign up with Thompson and Holt on their monthly scheme.  I started with 10 products and this has now grown to nearly 600.  What I like about the software is that everything is automatic.  I do not have to keep adding things in.  It updates automatically and notifies me of any issues. 


I received a warning from Amazon after around 6 months, and Thompson and Holt created me an appeal to send in, and everything was sorted out straight away.  They are always good for a little advice on anything Amazon when I have needed it. 


I trust these people with my store, and feel that it has helped me grow."

thompson and holt alerts.jpg
  • Terresa 

  • Dropshipper

  • USA

  • Started 2019

  • Turnover $42,000

Monitor & Protect Your Amazon Store 

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