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Amazon Appeals Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking at this page you have probably asked yourself many of the questions below,


What can you do to reinstate my Amazon Seller Account?

We can write you a bespoke Amazon Appeal letter and plan of action which can get you back selling on Amazon within as little as 24 hours. The letter will be reviewed by ex-Amazon staff who have experience of working in the Amazon Appeal team.


How do I appeal my suspended Amazon Seller Account?

First you need to write your Amazon appeal and action plan. Once you are ready to submit your Amazon appeal you can either submit the appeal in Seller Central (Notifications section), paste your appeal and plan of action in the relevant sections and click the 'Appeal' button. You can also submit your appeal by email. The email address will depend upon which department sent you the suspension notice.

How long does Amazon suspend your Amazon Seller Account?

Amazon suspensions usually last a few days if the appeal and action plan addresses Amazons concerns. Suspension often last longer if there have been previous issues with the account for example multiple suspensions for the same reason or different departments are involved such as Amazon payments. It's important your appeal is precise and concise. 


How long does Amazon Seller Performance take to complete a review?

If your Amazon Seller account is in review this is usually a good sign that Amazon have all the information they need. A review is usually completed within 30 days and the Seller will be notified of the outcome by email. 

What if Amazon request more information?

Amazon usually send what appear to be automated emails which usually ask for more information or the same information. This can be very frustrating especially if it's happened a number of times already. We would check the information we sent to Amazon and try to make it clearer in the email, this sometimes involves rewriting the Amazon appeal letter. Thompson and Holt do not charge for additional emails should Amazon request further information. 

How long does Amazon take to respond to Appeals and action plans?

Amazon usually respond to appeals within 24-48 hours but it does depend on the time of year and the type of suspension you have received.

Can you help reinstate Amazon buyer accounts?

No, we only help Amazon Sellers. If your Amazon buyer account is suspended you should contact Amazon using one of the contact numbers here.

Can you help if I've already submitted an appeal and it's been denied?
It is easier to get you reinstated if you have not already started the appeal process or are banned, but we can still take over your appeal once you have started. We are equally as successful in submitting new appeals and taking over from Sellers who have started the process.


What is your success rate?
In 2015 our success rate was 90%. In 2018-2021 it is 100%.  So far in 2022 we have maintained our 100% success rate. This is because we only offer help to customers where we have had experience of successful reinstatement's similar to yours. It is not worth wasting your time or ours making false promises.


Why do Thompson and Holt have a high Amazon appeal success rate?

We thoroughly assess each suspension before make a decision to accept the appeal. For example if 100 Amazon Sellers asked for help with their suspension we would accept 80. We know that we can help with the 80 suspensions. The 20 suspensions which we can not help with we would refer them to specialists or refuse help if we discovered the suspensions were as a result of blatant fraud or money laundering.  
How many Amazon sellers have you helped get reinstated?
We have helped over 7,000 Amazon sellers over the past 7 years reinstate their products and accounts. 

Which Market Place can you help with?

We can help with all market places including,,, All European, South American, Middle East and Asia marketplaces.

Who have you helped?

Every customer has the opportunity to post a review about our service and product on FeeFo. The reviews of Thompson and Holt can be found on our Customer review page

How long will it take to get my Amazon appeal letter and plan of action?
We will send you the appeal letter and plan of action within 24 hours of cleared funds of our fee. 

How long does it take to get my Amazon Seller reinstated?

It can take a few hours, days or weeks. Our quickest reinstatement was 75 minutes however we have had some customers where it has taken over 4 weeks, we will be with you every step of the way. 

What if my suspension was years ago? Can I still get back on Amazon?

It all depends on how long it has been since your last email with Amazon.  We have helped lots of people who have decided to have another appeal 12+ months since their last attempt. These suspensions will take longer than the average 3 days to get reinstated. 

Are there any circumstances when you can't help with an Amazon suspension?
We are able to help in the majority of cases. The suspensions where we have to decline help are when there is blatant fraud. or money laundering on the account. 

How much do you charge for a unique Amazon appeal letter and action plan?

​We charge £700 for a bespoke letter which will address all the concerns raised in your communication from Amazon. we will also provide any additional correspondence which they require. If your business is not worth £700 then its probably not worth using our services. 


My Amazon Seller Account is Suspended, how do I get a personalised Amazon Appeal Letter?

Simply complete the online enquiry form with your details, we will then let you know if we can help or not. If we can help you we will then ask for a payment of £700 before we deliver your Amazon appeal letter, usually within 24 hours of the initial enquiry. Further responses at no additional charge if Amazon require them.


Are there any free Amazon Appeal Template Letters?

Yes, we have found one on the internet and posted it below. Feel free to use this letter if you want to appeal the decision yourself but please be warned the Amazon team have probably seen all the letter templates available on the internet and probably take a dim view of your business. It probably shows that you cant be bothered to take the decision to terminate your sellers account seriously. For a professional unique Amazon Appeal letter please get in touch with us. 


Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team, 

I thank you for this opportunity to present my appeal in reference to my currently suspended seller account: “XYZ, and I do apologize for requiring your assistance under present circumstances. I highly value having the unequal opportunity of selling on Amazon and hope to regain my selling privileges following your review of the plan presented below for your consideration. 
In addition to addressing the issues with my performance which became reflected in my ODR resulting in suspension, further included are: my approach necessary in lowering and maintaining the target requirements of less than 4% in my “Late Shipping Rate” metrics(also referenced in both notifications received, within: four and two days, prior of suspension). 

“ODR” Short Term - Long Term -  _ Negative Feedback () - Service Chargeback () __ 
Negative Feedback received as a direct result of first not notifying the customer of the tracking number assigned to his order, by assuming it's automatically available to him, and second by not communicating to him the delivery problems while attempting to fulfill the order and providing an additional shipment. Changing my future practices regarding this as 
Changes implemented 
1. Notify each customer of their assign tracking number, while offering yourself as available for all customer service matters they may require assistance in the future. 
2. Keep track of problematic shipments and inform the customer within timely manner of any problems once determined behind your ability to rectify the issue. 
3. Fully refund the order in case no response is received within adequate time frame. 
4. Never assume you will have the chance to present your good intent or effort or that it is actually relevant considering that it is not. (1 Star Rating posted within 4 minutes of first inquiry made while refund applied) 
Chargeback while received for reasons unknown, during the preparation of this plan, it has reinforced the need for the above changes as well as adding as necessary from now on the following 
Changes implemented 
1. Ship and confirm orders within the time required, once securely packaged preventing shifting followed by double-boxing all orders. 
2. Communicate the tracking number to the customer (indirectly showing there is a record of their item being shipped and delivered, potentially avoiding unsubstantiated claims) 
3. Have all shipments of higher cost items delivered always with “signature required”, 
4. Notify the customer and address any shipping problems accordingly. 
5. Write a follow up email inquiring if customer is satisfied and providing your information and availability to provide future customer service as required. 
Late Shipment Rate and Delivered on time score increased following a clasped shelving unit that resulted in damaging over 25 units (unavailable item) awaiting to be packed for shipping, concluding in following 
Changes implemented 
1. Provide adequate storage for increasing inventory. (Have replaced and added shelving units) 
2. Only list up to 90% of items in your inventory allowing options in case an unexpected situations occurs. 
3. Have all orders shipped out and in transit within the listed amount of days. 
4. Include a personalized professional yet informative letter emphasizing your commitment to future customer support. 
5. As last resort have an alternate reliable source to utilize in filling orders. 

Conduct business knowing that even if one perfect order may not count as anything if turned bad it can count as everything. 
I will conclude with my sincere thank you for your time and consideration, while I very much look forward to your decision. 
Please contact me for any additional information via email or by calling (___)___ _____. 
Thank you very much again and I wish you a wonderful weekend. 

NAME _______________ COMPANY NAME ______________ (___) _______


Why have my selling privileges been removed?


Selling privileges are commonly removed for:


  • Poor performance, i.e., customer metrics (order defect rate, cancellation rate, and/or late shipment rate) do not meet our performance targets.

  • Violations of our Selling Policies.

  • Violations of our rules about Prohibited Content and/or product restrictions.


Amazon account suspended - how do I get it back?

If your selling privileges have been removed, they may be eligible for reinstatement. Here's how to appeal:


Step 1: Determine why your selling privileges have been removed
Read the notice you received from Amazon to determine whether your selling privileges have been removed for poor performance, or for one or more violations of our selling policies and agreements.
Step 2: Evaluate your selling practices
Review your customer metrics and identify those that do not meet our performance targets. Evaluate your selling practices for those that may result in buyer dissatisfaction, and your inventory for items that are in violation of our policies and agreements. 
Step 3: Create a Plan of Action
Create a Plan of Action outlining the steps you will take to correct the problems you identified in Step 2. Providing a precise Plan of Action that can effectively address the problems gives your account a better chance of being reinstated.
Step 4: Send your appeal to Amazon
Once you've created your Plan of Action, send it to Seller Performance with your request for reinstatement. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Notification page of the Customer Metrics section of your account, find the notice you received about removal of your selling privileges, and click the Appeal button. A text box will appear for you to use to send your appeal. 
Step 5: Watch your e-mail for a decision from Amazon

After receiving your Plan of Action, we'll notify you of our decision by e-mail, usually within 48 hours. We review all appeals carefully; however, submission of an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement of your account.


How do I create a Plan of Action?

Your appeal should always include a Plan of Action that shows you have identified the problems in your selling and/or inventory management practices and addresses how you will change your practices to resolve them. Below are a few examples to illustrate this.


Performance Issues

Example 1: The notice from Seller Performance indicates that your selling privileges have been removed due to a high order defect rate. Action: Check your customer metrics page to determine which metric (negative feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and/or credit card chargebacks) does not meet our performance targets. You may find, for instance, that your percentage of negative feedback does not meet the target. As you evaluate your account, you may want to read all of the feedback comments left for you by buyers. If comments reflect a lack of response from you to buyer e-mails, your Plan of Action may include scheduling time every day to respond to all buyer correspondence.


Example 2: The notice from Seller Performance indicates that your selling privileges have been removed due to a high late shipment rate and your customer metrics show that the late shipment rate does not meet our performance targets. Action: After you have shipped your orders and confirmed 100% of the shipments, you could review your feedback and order fulfillment practices. You may find that you have not shipped orders within two days of the order date because your order volume has increased. Your Plan of Action may include adjusting your processes to manage a larger volume of orders.


Example 3: The notice received from Seller Performance indicates that your selling privileges have been removed due to a high pre-fulfillment order cancel rate and your customer metrics show that your cancel rate does not meet our performance targets Action: You could review your inventory management and/or inventory control processes. You may find that your high cancel rate is due to being chronically out of stock of listed items. Your Plan of Action may include monitoring your inventory daily to make sure you never list items you cannot ship immediately.


When evaluating your selling practices, here are some areas you may want to review:

  • Shipment of orders: are you shipping your items within 2 days of the order date? /

  • Communication with buyers: are you effectively responding to buyer questions and doing so promptly and politely?

  • Stocking inventory:  are you consistently running out of inventory and cancelling orders?

  • Listings: are you describing your items accurately in your listing comments?


Policy Violations
If your selling privileges have been removed for violations of our policies, review your inventory to determine whether it includes Prohibited Content and/or product restrictions, and compare your selling practices with our Selling Policies.


More FAQ can be found on the Amazon website - click here


How do I pay? 

You can pay for our services using Visa or MasterCard, Payoneer or wire transfer.

What is your money back guarantee policy?

We do not offer a moneyback guarantee for ASIN and performance related account appeals. We will only offer help to genuine Amazon Sellers who have made an honest mistake. If after the initial assessment we can't help you we will tell you.

Will you refund my fee if the appeal fails?
No. You are paying for our time, knowledge and experience. We will only offer you help if we have had successful reinstatement's on similar suspensions to yours.


What are Amazons Selling Policies?

Amazons selling policies can be found here


If you would like us to see if we can help you please get in touch today.

Amazon Appeal FAQ

Thank You, a member of our team will be in contact shortly

Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


"Outstanding Service"


"I was a little sceptical at first but desperate to get selling on Amazon. I completed the form on the website and sent a few emails Steven responded to my initial email within 15 minutes, I can remember it was 10 o’clock at night, I didn’t think anyone would answer. Steven put my mind at rest and explained that they deal with the same queries every week and for me not to worry – easy for him to say as this was my livelihood! He put an action plan together, he certainly knew the correct things to say to Amazon. If you have had your Amazon account suspended it’s the worst feeling ever - don't mess about making a plan of action yourself only to have it rejected by Amazon like I did. Speak to Thompson and Holt and leave it to the professionals you will have your account back. My Amazon account was up and running the very next day. I would definitely recommend Thompson and Holt to anyone looking for help."

Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


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