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How to Write a Successful Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action to get Your Amazon Seller Account Reinstated in 24 Hours

These 5 quick and simple steps should help any Amazon Seller get their Amazon Seller account reinstated within 24 hours. 

Step 1: Understand why your Amazon Seller Account has been suspended​









Read the suspension email, it will usually contain the reason within the first sentence. ​

Amazon Seller Accounts are usually suspended for poor performance or a policy violation. Make sure you understand the difference. 

Read up on which Amazons Selling metric or Policy you have breached. 

Take a deep breath and clear your mind. DO NOT reply to Amazon without reading Steps 2 - 5.

Step 2: Ask Yourself 'How can I prevent this suspension from happening in the future?'


Amazon want you to learn by your mistakes​. You need to think carefully about how you will prevent this from happening again.

Do not make promises that you can't keep. Amazon will expect you to implement any action plans and sometimes they will only reinstate your Amazon Seller Account once you can prove that you have implemented your action plan.

Step 3: Write Your ​Appeal and Plan of Action







Acknowledge why your Amazon Sellers Account was suspended. This section should thoroughly explain the reason for the suspension.


Write about the cause of the suspension. This section should provide enough detail to the Amazon Seller Performance specialist to fully understand what caused the suspension. 

Then write about how you will prevent this issue from reoccurring. This is probably the most important part of the appeal letter and strongly influences whether your Amazon account will be reinstated. 

Sign off your appeal with your name, email address and contact number. 

Step 4: Send Your Amazon Appeal and Action Plan To Amazon​














Log into Amazon Seller Central and submit your appeal to Amazon. If you don't have the option to submit your appeal through Seller Central you can send it by email.


If you are sending your appeal by email make sure that you send it from the email address that is registered to your Amazon account. 


Step 5: Wait for Amazons Response​

7 times out of 10 if your appeal and action plan is well thought out Amazon will reinstate your account within 24 hours. If this is your second, third, fourth... suspension then Amazon may take longer to respond.


Sometimes Amazon will reject your appeal and action plan, if this happens you need to read Amazons response and answer the questions carefully.

Amazon can refuse your appeal and this is when you should escalate your appeal. This is very complex and you should seek advice before escalating your appeal as it's more than likely your last chance to save your Amazon Seller Account.  


Dealing with an Amazon Suspension can be very tricky, frustrating and stressful especially when your emotions are running high. Thompson and Holt can help write you a bespoke Amazon appeal letter and plan of action.


If you would like us to help you please complete the yellow enquiry form below, start a LiveChat or call us. 

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Amazon Appeal letter

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