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Amazon Services


Here at Thompson and Holt we offer a wide range of Services to Amazon Sellers, whether you are new to Amazon or an experienced Seller we can help you with all your Amazon needs. 

Below is a list of popular services which we offer. If you don't see what you want please email us direct with your query and we'll be sure to help


Amazon Seller Services
Amazon Appeal Letter

Want to get your Amazon Account reinstated, then you've got a better chance by using a team of professionals. for £500 we will provide you with a bespoke letter for you to send to Amazon. 100% success rate in 2016/17/18/19.



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Amazon Keyword Ranking

Are you looking to increase your keyword ranking so that your products are on the first page? 


We can help you increase your keyword ranking in a matter of weeks.

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Amazon Suspension Prevention 


Are you looking to avoid a suspension email from Amazon, do you want a service which will help you to continue selling on Amazon compliantly?

We can help you increase your chances of not getting suspended by telling you about any potential problems before they happen.

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Amazon Trademark Registration

Register your products and avoid your competitors selling your products.


We can provide you with expert help and advice to ensure that you register the Trademark correctly.


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Amazon Sponsored Products


Promote your product and brand on Amazon by using Amazons Sponsored Products. This is an area where the line between failure (losing lots of money) and success (increasing sales) is very fine indeed.


Whether you are already running a Sponsored Product Campaign or are thinking about it,.


Get in touch today to see how we can help you. 

Amazon Account Review


Have you already got an Amazon Sellors Account and are starting to see some worrying KPI's? Are you unsure how to fix these?


We can provide a full Amazon account review or just look at part of your Amazon Account to guide you down the right path to keep you out of trouble.


Get in touch today with your requirements.


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