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About Thompson and Holt


About You

You are here because you are an Amazon Seller and have been suspended from Amazon.

You need a well thought out and written Amazon appeal letter and plan of action.

It’s important for you to hire someone who has the relevant experience, knowledge and skills.

You want to get back on Amazon quickly. “Quickly” was yesterday.

You want to get a great service, because if your appeal is unsuccessful then whats the point?

You want the appeal letter and plan of action done via a smooth and easy process, if only you could snap your fingers.

About Us

We have 18 years experience of working with Sellers and Amazon.

We are a group of people who believe in service and fairness. You may think this is cliché but that’s how we would like to be treated as customers.

We provide appeal letters and plan of action and we go to great lengths to give you almost 24/7 support by a human consultant. We are all for humankind.

Needless to say we provide first class Appeal Letters and plan of actions.

We invite you to get a free assessment by either contacting us by

  1. Click on the Live Chat

  2. Complete the Yellow Enquiry form

  3. Send us an email

We look forward to being there at the snap of your fingers.

Thompson and Holt was created with the aim of helping genuine Amazon Sellers navigate the minefield of dealing with the Amazon Seller Performance team and getting them back onto Amazon in the quickest possible time while avoiding all the stress and hassle that goes with it. Thompson and Holt is an innovative, personalised and professional Amazon Appeal consultancy.


See what some of our customers have to say.

Suspended Amazon Account Appeal  Enquiry Form


"Outstanding Service"


"I was a little sceptical at first but desperate to get selling on Amazon. I completed the form on the website and sent a few emails Steven responded to my initial email within 15 minutes, I can remember it was 10 o’clock at night, I didn’t think anyone would answer. Steven put my mind at rest and explained that they deal with the same queries every week and for me not to worry – easy for him to say as this was my livelihood! He put an action plan together, he certainly knew the correct things to say to Amazon.


If you have had your Amazon account suspended it’s the worst feeling ever - don't mess about making a plan of action yourself only to have it rejected by Amazon like I did. Speak to Thompson and Holt and leave it to the professionals you will have your account back. My Amazon account was up and running the very next day.


I would definitely recommend Thompson and Holt to anyone looking for help."

Why Choose us?

  • 100% Success Rate in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 (90% in 2015)
  • Support from real people with experience and knowledge
  • We’ve helped 1,000’s of Sellers in your situation
Amazon appeal letter
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