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Amazon Register a Trademark

Are you fed up of Amazon Sellers selling or counterfeiting your your product?
Please note that this service could result in your competitors not being allowed to sell your branded goods, as well as them being suspended on Amazon for infringement of your intellectual property rights.

We can help you register your Brand and Trademark so that only you can sell the product on Amazon. This means that any Amazon Seller who lists your product or copies of your product could be suspended.

Once you have registered your trademark and updated your listings on Amazon you can then warn other Amazon Sellers who are listing your product that they are infringing on your intellectual property rights. If the Amazon Sellers do not take down their listings we can help you report the infringement with Amazon which is more than likely to result in the Amazon Seller receiving a Rights Owner Notice suspension email from Amazon. If you would like to learn more about our Amazon Intellectual Property Infringement Service please click here.

Depending on which country you want to sell the product we will need to register the Trademark with the relevant authorities. This can be a complex and time consuming process. We have experience in helping Amazon Seller registering their trademark and protecting their products from other Amazon Sellers. 

It’s important for you to hire someone who has the relevant experience, knowledge and skills.

You want to register your trademark quickly. “Quickly” was yesterday.

You want to get a great service, because if you cant register your trademark your competitors will take your business.

You want the Trademark done via a smooth and easy process, if only you could snap your fingers.

How much is Your Fee?
We charge £500 per trademark. There will be additional fees involved depending on which country you want to register the trademark.
Please note that Thompson and Holt can not provide legal advice.

We invite you to get a free assessment by either contacting us by

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  2. Complete the Yellow Enquiry form

  3. Send us an email

We look forward to being there at the snap of your fingers.

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