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If you are looking at this page then you are looking to increase your product ranking. Why do you want to increase your product ranking? To increase sales!!!

We have a proven track record of increasing our customers keyword rank which ultimately converts in to higher sales.

  • We have 5+ years experience in helping customers like you increase their keyword ranking.

  • We only use white hat keyword ranking techniques.

  • These techniques are not difficult. It's our experience and knowledge that gives us our edge over your competition.

  • Get in contact Today and see how we can help you increase your keyword rankings.

  • Our bespoke packages start from as little as £50 per month.


Amazon will rank you higher if it believes that customers are more likely to buy your product than your competitors.

"How much more sales do my competitor make by being ranked number 1?"

The answer to this is somewhere between 3 and 4 times what the second place listing sells and 10 times more than being number 5.

Why does ranking matter?

Ranking matters because Amazon customers rely on Amazon to rank products for them. If Amazon think your product is the best in the category they will list you higher. It is in Amazons interest to put the most suitable product in front of the customer so they buy it.

We can help you improve your Amazon keyword ranking and increase your sales. 

There are many ways in which you can increase your rankings in Amazon here are 10 of the most important

  1. Making sure the products are listed in the correct categories

  2. The amount of product reviews

  3. Answered questions

  4. Positive feedback

  5. Image size and quality

  6. Price

  7. Relevancy factors on title, description, bullets

  8. In-Stock Rate

  9. Order processing speed

  10. Perfect Order Percentage (POP)

We will focus on the quick wins to get you into a higher rank which will increase your sales.


It is estimated that 80% of the stores who are listed in the top 10 rankings for your keywords use an Agency to help keep them there and increase their sales.

Many Google SEO experts have switched their attention to Amazon due to the size of the opportunity. If you do not have experience in SEO or Amazon Keyword ranking then you will get left behind. There are hundreds of new sellers on Amazon each week, why do most fail? Because they don't know how to promote their product. It is no good having the best product and the cheapest price if nobody sees your product.

Amazon is all about how to market your product and the best news is that there is no secret. Amazon want to help you, it is in their interest to keep you as a Seller.

How can you measure keyword rankings?

​You could keep a manual spreadsheet or you could let us provide you with weekly reports showing you where you now rank for your keywords.

How quickly will I see the results?

Depending upon how the competition of the keyword and product as well as your current rank, you should start to see the results within the first month.

How do I track the results?

We will provide you with a monthly ranking report which shows how your product has increased through the ranks.


How much do you charge?

​We have several models which work equally as well all depend upon the product and keywords.

Our packages start from as little as £50 per month or a one off product review for three keywords for £100 - get in contact now to get your bespoke quote. Our fee is very transparent and it works on how competitive the keyword and product are.

The 'one off product review' package of £100 will look at improving all the on page ranking metrics to ensure your product page is as competitive as possible.

The monthly packages involve a combination of on page optimisation for keywords as well as link building and paid for advertising which could include Amazon Advertising and social media. The packages will depend on how much budget you have available.

​​How do you manage conflicts of interest?

We will only offer help to clients where there is no conflict. We won't offer help to two customers who have the same or similar products. We will help the first customer who approaches us. We will tell you at the point of enquiry if we can not help. We would never disclose who our customers are but you can probably take a guess by looking at the top 10 rankings!

Is there a minimum contract?

There is no minimum contract we just require 30 days notice. You must remember that like anything if you don't keep on top of your products then your competitors will overtake you. 

If you would like us to help you increase your key word ranking and get you more sales please get in contact today - complete the yellow 'Amazon Keyword Ranking' form and we'll be in touch. 

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Five Reasons to Choose Us?

  1. We understand the rules and polcies set  by Amazon

  2. 5+ Years of experience

  3. Record of achieving number 1 ranking

  4. Over 1'000 keywords and products live

  5. Experience in all Amazon categories

Amazon Keyword Ranking 
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