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Everything you need to know about Amazon’s new Valid Tracking Rate

Starting this month, April 19, 2021, Amazon Sellers must provide a tracking ID for orders with a tracked delivery method to confirm dispatch of self-fulfilled orders.

The Valid Tracking Rate is a performance metric that measures the share of orders that you deliver with a valid tracking out of all your delivered orders, on your merchant fulfilled orders. This metric reflects Amazon customers’ expectations to find out where orders are and when they will be received.

As of April 19, you’ll be expected to achieve 95 percent compliance for the relevant products. This applies to items where tracking is available, and if you use untracked services it’s business as usual.

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White explains: “Tracking is seen as key part of customer satisfaction, reassuring customers that their order is on its way. Also, if things go wrong, it shows that Amazon are aware of the issue and that it’s in hand.

“Amazon lists six key benefits for providing tracking information. They are: fewer buyer contacts, decreased order defects, protection from A-to-Z Guarantee claims, improved seller feedback ratings, reduced lost order costs and improved conversion. That is why they are putting so much emphasis on the Valid Tracking Rate that comes in this month. Below is what you will now be expected to provide during Ship Confirm.”

• The name of the delivery service provider and the specific delivery service used for all merchant fulfilled orders.

• The tracking ID for merchant fulfilled orders that are delivered with a tracked delivery method or the unique parcel ID (located above the 2D barcode on the label) in case you use the Royal Mail 24®/48® delivery methods.

• Tracking numbers are only considered valid if they have at least one carrier scan recorded by Amazon.

You will be required to reach 95 percent Valid Tracking Rate:

• On your domestic orders through Amazon UK over a rolling 30-day period - for example if you dispatch from an address in the UK to a delivery address in the UK.

• Amazon will measure the Valid Tracking Rate for non-prime merchant fulfilled orders at a category level.

• Amazon Valid Tracking Rate will be measured on all domestic orders delivered through integrated delivery service providers including any orders delivered with Royal Mail 24®/48® delivery methods.

The following items are not included in the Valid Tracking Rate calculation:

• Domestic items delivered by carrier/delivery service provider not integrated with Amazon

• Domestic items delivered with untracked delivery services/delivery methods

• Digital products, e.g. audio book

Thompson and Holt’s Stuart White concluded: “Among the popular UK couriers integrated with Amazon are: DHL, DPD, Hermes, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, TNT, Tuffnells, UPS, Yodel, who are all aware of the Valid Tracking Rate measures.

“Amazon has insisted that accounts will not be suspended if you drop below the 95 percent marker, but that listings could be, and this is something we will be keeping a close eye on. If you do find yourself suspended then get in touch with Thompson and Holt to find the quickest way to get back selling.

“Amazon has produced its own detailed FAQs on the Valid Tracking Rate which we recommend that you read carefully before April 19 so you have all the information available to you. It can be found at”

What does a Valid Tracking Rate Suspension look like?

Over the past few weeks we have seen a large number of Valid Tracking Rate suspensions from the US. Below is a copy of a typical email you may receive from Amazon if you have failed the VTR.


Your Valid Tracking Rate is below the goal of 95% in the following categories:


As a result, you may no longer sell merchant-fulfilled items in the affected categories on Your listings for those categories have been removed from our site.

You can see the health of your account in the Performance section of Seller Central:

Learn more about this policy in Seller Central Help at:

If you want to appeal this decision, please send a plan that explains how you will provide tracking numbers for at least 95% of your shipments in the future to the following email address


Merchant Review Team

Worried about an Amazon Valid Tracking Rate or other suspension?

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

Thompson and Holt are also offering a free month’s trial of their Monitor and Protect service to help sellers prevent a suspension of ASINs or an their account during the COVID pandemic, more information on how to protect your Amazon seller account from a suspension can be found here.

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