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Five crucial tips to make maximum profit in the Q4 sales rush

Amazon’s busiest and most profitable time of the year is just around the corner, and provides the perfect time to increase revenue.

After the effects of the global pandemic, any opportunity to boost sales is a welcome one for Amazon Sellers that have found the going tough over the last 18 months, and the holiday season certainly offers that.

There are pitfalls too - workforces are depleted in some countries, supply can be an issue in current times and customer service demands inevitably increase.

But the benefits of the final three months of the year outweigh any negatives for Amazon Sellers, and Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White provides five key tips that will help you best prepare for what will hopefully be a spike in sales.

1. Start your advertising campaigns early

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White: “Building brand and product awareness before the holiday season begins can give you a head start on your competitors. Consumers are planning Christmas spending earlier than ever, and if they believe they are getting a good deal ahead of schedule, they’re more likely to purchase now than ever before. This will also attract potential new customers and accelerate traffic to your site so they are familiar with it ahead of the festive period.”

2. Optimise your product listings

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White: “Be fully prepared before the busiest season starts. Do an audit of your keyword strategy on your product listings, and look at investing in both Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - both could be highly valuable tools for the forthcoming months. Make sure all your photos are of optimum standard, and pay extra attention to your mobile-view site, which is becoming more and more prominent generally."

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3. Give your email list attention

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White: “This is the perfect time of the year to check in with past customers and contacts. They will be starting to think about what they want to buy for the holidays season, so give them a reminder of your products and what you can offer.”

4. Prepare for stock shortages

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White: “It’s always better to be forewarned and forearmed, and at a time where many supply chains are in some form of crisis, that could happen to you over the coming months. That obviously isn’t great news, but you can plan ahead, including scheduling any holiday shipments now, and being bolder than at other times with your stock. Shipping payments could rise again in coming months so you need to take that into account as well.”

5. Make sure your customer service team is ready

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White: “Increased web traffic, orders and deliveries obviously leads to the potential of more errors, and that can lead to complaints. Whoever is dealing with that side of the business for you needs to be fully briefed on the best way to deal with any issues, because that can make the different between a repeat buyer or a negative review. Accept that some things will be out of your control but have the resources in place to react the that appropriately so that you can still leave your customer with a positive experience.”

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