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How to get the most out of Fulfilment by Amazon

It’s one of the most common questions we hear at Thompson and Holt - is Fulfilment by Amazon the best fit for my online business?

The answer obviously varies from case to case, but what we would always say is that it’s certainly worth investigating whether FBA can be beneficial to you. Here we’ll look at exactly what the programme entails before Thompson and Holt Senior Case Handler Laura Monk picks out some of the best ways to get the most out of FBA.

So what are the benefits of Fulfilment by Amazon? Firstly we’ll look at exactly what Amazon tells customers to expect from the scheme in its own words.

1. Your products are eligible for Amazon Prime for unlimited, fast One-Day Delivery on millions of items. All Amazon Prime members love the free Two-Day Shipping offered on eligible orders. The products you list on FBA can qualify for free shipping too, as well as the sought-after Prime badge. This tells customers that Amazon handles packing, delivery, customer service, and returns and has been shown to boost sales by up to 26.5%.

2. Customers get Amazon's trusted customer service and returns. FBA takes this operational burden off your shoulders, leveraging Amazon’s global customer service network to manage customer inquiries, refunds, and returns on FBA orders. FBA customer support: Cross-language phone/e-mail support, day and night, at no extra cost to you, besides Returns Processing Fees in certain product categories. FBA returns: We will manage all customer service to do with returns, via our Online Returns Centre. Read more about FBA policies regarding Customer Returns for Orders Placed on

3. FBA makes it easier to sell across Europe. Amazon offers a range of fulfilment solutions across Europe, so you can choose the one that suits your business best. Pan-European FBA is the most popular and fastest – Amazon stores and distributes from fulfilment centres throughout Europe. With European Fulfilment Network your products are shipped from central storage in their country of origin; with Multi-Country Inventory, stock is stored and despatched from fulfilment centres in the countries you specify. To help you stay informed of changes related to Brexit, please visit our Prepare your Amazon Business for Brexit help page (login required).

4. It’s cost-effective. Pay as you go—you are charged for storage space and the orders we fulfil. The cost of shipping is included in your fees, with no extra charge for Amazon Prime for unlimited, fast One-Day Delivery on millions of items. Fees for Selling on Amazon and optional services may apply.

There are also specific FBA programmes now available which aim to provide an even better system for Sellers. They include FBA Small and Light (targeting low-cost, small and lightweight inventories) and FBA Subscribe & Save (offering discounts for repeat customers).

Whether FBA is suitable for your specific business and its current status will vary from case to case, but if you’ve studied all the details, worked out the costs involved and believe it would be beneficial to you, here are three tips from Thompson and Holt Senior Case Handler Laura Monk to help get the most out of your FBA account.

1. Get your product description right

“This applies to any listing on Amazon but when you’re paying for FBA you need to get the most out of its benefits, and ensuring your description is as good as it can be should be your starting point. Make your text short but informative, do not use more than five points, and make sure your picture is clear and never misleading. Also make sure you highlight any unique attributes your product has.”

2. Research your audience

“Have a look at what your rivals are selling, which ones are the most successful and try and put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. Why would you choose a certain product over another one? What are you looking for when you buy this specific item? What would make this product stand out from others? then apply the answers to your listing.”

3. Offer promotions and discounts

“This remains a proven way to increase your sales. Possible options include having a special discount for buyers purchasing goods over a certain amount, The third unit of goods being free when buying two others, and bonuses for regular customers in the form of discounts on the next purchase or receiving a gift card. Trial a couple of promotions and work out what works best for you.”

For more information on FBA, see

What to do if Amazon Seller Account is Suspended?

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

Thompson and Holt are also offering a free month’s trial of their Monitor and Protect service to help sellers prevent a suspension of ASINs or an their account during the COVID pandemic, more information on how to protect your Amazon seller account from a suspension can be found here.

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