• Craig Gedey

Everything you need to know about selling used items on Amazon

Selling on Amazon isn’t just about new products - there is an ever-expanding market for used items on the platform.

But not everything is eligible to be sold as used on Amazon, and there are strict guidelines on condition that you must follow, to avoid risking suspension. Thompson and Holt managing partner Craig Gedey has direct experience of selling used items on Amazon and goes through the key information you need before you make the move yourself.

What used goods can I sell on Amazon?

“Amazon has a clear table showing exactly what it expects from each category of product in terms of conditions allowed,” Gedey explained. “Certain items - take baby and beauty as examples - can only be sold as new. But there is plenty of scope elsewhere.”

Product Category Conditions Allowed

Amazon Device Accessories New, Certified refurbished, Used

Amazon Kindle Used

Automotive & Powersports New, Certified refurbished, Used, Collectible

Baby Products (excluding apparel) New

Beauty New

Books New, Used, Collectible

Camera & Photo New, Certified refurbished, Used

Clothing New

Cell Phones & Accessories New, Used, Certified refurbished; Unlocked

Collectible Coins Collectible-Like New

Consumer Electronics New, Certified refurbished, Used

Entertainment Collectibles Collectible-Like New

Fine Art New (inc primary/secondary sale artworks)

Grocery & Gourmet Food New

Health & Personal Care New

Home & Garden New, Certified refurbished, Used, Collectible

Independent Design New

Industrial & Scientific New, Certified refurbished, Used

Jewelry New

Kindle and Amazon Fire TV Accessories New, Certified refurbished, Used

Major Appliances New, Used, Certified refurbished

Music New, Used, Collectible

Musical Instruments New, Certified refurbished, Used, Collectible

Office Products New, Certified refurbished, Used, Collectible

Outdoors New, Certified refurbished, Used

Personal Computers New, Certified refurbished, Used

Pet Supplies New, Certified refurbished, Used

Shoes & Handbags New

Software New, Used

Sports New, Certified refurbished, Used

Sports Collectibles Collectible-like new

Tools & Home Improvement New, Certified refurbished, Used

Toys & Games New, Collectible

Video, DVD & Blu-ray New, Used, Collectible

What do the condition guidelines mean?

“Amazon has clear guidelines for what it expects from used condition items,” Thompson and Holt’s Gedey continued. “Below is there expectations for each category - breaching these will lead to a risk of suspension from the side.

Used – Like New or Open Box:

The item is in perfect working condition with intact original packaging and in good condition with minor damage possible, with or without original protective wrapping. Instructions must be included.

Used – Very Good:

The item has been well-cared-for, has undergone limited use, and is still in good working condition. It may show limited signs of wear, i.e. small scratches or cosmetic errors. The original packaging may be damaged, or the item could be repackaged. Any missing accessories must be clearly defined for each item.

Used – Good:

The item is in good condition and is fully-functional but shows signs of wear from consistent use. It may arrive repackaged or with damaged packaging. It may have markings and minor cosmetic damage. It may be missing parts, accessories, or instructions.

Used – Acceptable:

The item is still functional but is fairly worn, and has been repackaged or is in damaged original packaging. Bears signs of wear such as scratches, dents, worn corners, or identifying markings. Parts, accessories, and instructions may be missing.

What can’t I sell as used?

“Amazon lists the following conditions as being unacceptable for sale on its platforms,” Gedey says. “As before, if you ignore this, you are risking being excluded from the site.”

  • The item is dirty with mould, heavy staining, corrosion, or other signs of uncleanliness

  • The item has damage that impacts the ability to use it

  • The item is missing parts or accessories that are essential to use it (excludes instructions)

  • The product needs repairs

  • The item is a copy, counterfeit, replica, or imitation of an original product

  • The item was created for promotional purposes, such as a product sample or advance reading copy

  • The item is expired or close to expiring, per its expiration date (including “best by” and “sell by” dates), or the expiration date has been altered or removed

  • The item was design