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How to remove Negative Feedback on Amazon.

The first thing you should understand is that negative feedback does put your product and your account at risk of ​a suspension. You should consider signing up to the TH Alerts which instantly notifies you when a negative review is submitted. Our team will help you attempt to remove the review.

We can help you remove Amazon Seller negative feedback. Our fee is £250 per negative review. To see if we can help please complete the yellow enquiry form or start a LiveChat now.

Negative Feedback Removal
Negative Feedback Removal

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You can also attempt to remove the negative feedback yourself, there are two routes you can use to remove Amazon reviews.

1. Contact Amazon to remove the feedback.

To do this simply login to Seller Central and open a new support case. 

Select Account Settings > Orders > Customer feedback problems.

Your comment needs to be specific and straight to the point. You need to explain why the product should be removed. Do not send a generic message as this will not work. 

2. Contact the Customer to Remove the Negative Feedback

Buyers can remove the negative feedback for up to 90 days after the negative feedback was submitted.  The Buyer must remove the negative product feedback within 60 days of submitting the review.


Requesting an Amazon buyer to remove negative feedback is a minefield and you should ensure that you do not breach any of Amazon's policies otherwise you run the risk of Amazon Suspending your account.

If you would like us to assess your chances of removing negative feedback please complete the yellow enquiry form, start a LiveChat, email us or call

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