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Appeal the restriction or removal of selling privileges

Selling privileges are commonly restricted or removed because your customer metrics (order defect rate, pre-fulfilment cancel rate or late shipment rate) do not meet our performance targets. Other reasons include violations of our selling policies or of our rules about restricted products.

Note: See the Amazon Payments User Agreement for more information.


If your selling privileges have been restricted or removed, you might be able to appeal their reinstatement by following these steps:

  1. In Seller Central, go to Performance > Performance Notifications.

  2. Find the notification about the restriction or removal of your selling privileges, and determine whether this was due to unmet performance targets or for violations of our selling policies.

  3. Click Appeal.

  4. Click Appeal decision.

  5. Enter the details of your plan of action in the form provided, outlining the steps you will take to correct the problems you identified. Providing a precise Plan of Action that effectively addresses the problems improves the chance that your selling privileges will be reinstated.

  6. Click Submit appeal to send your completed appeal to Seller Performance.

  7. Monitor your email for a decision from Amazon. After receiving your Plan of Action, we'll notify you of our decision by email, usually within 48 hours.


Amazon review all appeals carefully. However, submission of an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement of your selling privileges.

Amazon appeal
Our 5 Step process is Simple
Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


  1. Complete the Enquiry form, we will tell you if we can help or not. (in 2016 we have been able to help 100% of customers)

  2. Pay the fee of £400

  3. We will then send you a bespoke Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

  4. Wait for Amazon to send you the "Your Amazon account has been reinstated"

  5. Start Selling again on Amazon



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