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Amazon launches in Belgium

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Amazon has this week launched in Belgium, taking the total countries around the world with dedicated marketplaces to 21.

It now means that Europe now has 10 active countries, following the most recent additions in Poland in March 2021, Sweden in October 2020, and Holland in March 2020.

Like those previous launches, practically all sellers present at the Belgium launch, which took place on October 18, were existing sellers from other Amazon’s European marketplaces - mainly businesses from China, Germany, the UK, Italy, France, and Spain, rather than Belgium.

Amazon has however launched a dedicated ‘Brands of Belgium’ section, featuring 100 sellers from the country, a move away from the usual stance of making it difficult to find local brands.

Thompson and Holt senior case handler Laura Monk believes the move offers some interesting insights into Amazon’s plans in Europe.

She explained: “Europe is absolutely a growing marketplace for Amazon - it is now estimated that its revenue is around 60 percent as big as the American on. But the most recent additions to their online stable - Holland, Poland, Sweden and now Belgium - make up a tiny fraction of that number at present.

“What that means is that they are effectively long-term bets for Amazon, made with the benefit of having infrastructures in place from countries that have gone before them. Already established third party sellers can take advantage of the new marketplaces, and their pages can be auto-translated along with their reviews.

“As as result, reports suggest that Amazon had over 100 million products available in Belgium on the day of launch - they can utilise what they already have in nearby countries and warehouses.

“Where Amazon heads next will also be interesting to monitor - the current trend suggests that Ireland, Austria or Norway could be among the targets. Customers there are already using Amazon extensively even though it hasn’t yet launched there - just as the Belgian public was using the France site.

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“Each launch gives Amazon another branch to its rapidly growing tree, and the process becomes easier each time because the overall marketplace close to the new ones is expanding constantly. The company’s expansion across Europe continues and it’s difficult to see it slowing down any time soon, despite the current financial climate.”

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