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Amazon offers help to win the Buy Box

Amazon has this month added a price comparison feature that it says will help Sellers increase their chances of winning the Buy Box (also known as the Featured Offer).

Sellers began to notice the new measure in January, and Amazon has formally confirmed its launch now in an announcement made at the start of the month.

Amazon’s statement read: “Setting a competitive price can increase your chances of being the Featured Offer. Now you can view how your price compares to other prices on or outside of Amazon in the Pricing Status column in Manage Inventory Page.

“We are continuously working to make it easier for you to set great prices for your products in our store. With the newly launched Pricing Status feature, you can view how your price compares to other prices on Amazon or outside of Amazon in the Price + Shipping column on the Manage Inventory page. The Pricing Status will show how your price compares to the Featured Offer, Competitive Price, and the Lowest Price. You can choose to match any of these prices by clicking on the ‘Match’ button next to the respective price.

“To increase your chances of becoming the Featured Offer (Buy Box), consider pricing competitively by setting your Price + Shipping to be less than or equal to the Competitive Price.”

This is how Amazon describes the three pricing status definitions at present:

Featured Offer

The Featured Offer (Buy Box) is the offer at the top of a product detail page, which customers can buy now or add to their shopping carts. Sellers must meet performance-based requirements, including pricing competitively, to be eligible for Featured Offer placement.

Competitive price

The competitive price is the lowest price for this item from other major retailers outside Amazon. It does not include the prices from other sellers in the Amazon store. To be considered competitively priced, your Price + Shipping must be less than or equal to the competitive price.

Lowest price

The lowest price is based on your Manage Inventory preferences, which allows you to compare offers using the following variables: listing condition and fulfillment method. To filter the listings, go to “Low price comparison” section in Preferences.

Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White believes that the move can only help forward-thinking Sellers. He said: “While this is a tool that is available to everybody, not everyone will utilise it to its full potential. That allows shrewd Sellers to maximise its effectiveness when they are trying to win the Buy Box.

“Being able to view how your product price compares to others on and outside of Amazon is definitely beneficial, showing it directly to the highest, lowers and Buy Box figures. That allows you to price competitively on a consistent basis, should you keep it less than or equal to the competitive price.

“Of course there may be situations where this is not possible for a variety of reasons, but at least you have a clear view of your competitors’ pricing policies. At Thompson and Holt we would recommend monitoring this regularly to stay on top of your pricing situation. The benefits of winning the Buy Box are well documented and it’s an advantage worth pursuing in many cases.”

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

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