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What are Amazon Attribution and Brand Referral Bonus programmes and can they help me?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Advertising on and within Amazon is often, correctly, seen as a key part of growing your business on the platform.

But with cost-per-click advising costs on the rise at Amazon, and the site taking a stronger stance against a range of black hat tactics, many Sellers have looked at other ways to drive external traffic to their Amazon product pages. Driving conversions from outside of Amazon can also help drive rankings within the site.

In the past, the disadvantage to this has been there wasn’t a way to track that traffic’s results and conversion rates. That has now changed with two programmes that work together to help you see exactly how external traffic is performing, as well as getting credit back on the fees for products you sent to Amazon.

This is how Amazon describes both schemes on the site.

It states: “Amazon Attribution is an advertising and analytics measurement solution that gives marketers insight into how their non-Amazon marketing channels perform on Amazon.

“While Amazon Ads helps drive consideration for your brand and products across multiple touch points, we know there are a number of non-Amazon channels that also play key roles in the shopping journey. With Amazon Attribution measurement, you can gain visibility into how these non-Amazon touchpoints help customers discover and consider your products on Amazon.

“Using these advertising analytics and insights, you can optimise and plan your digital strategy based on what you know resonates with your customers and drives value for your brand on Amazon.

“The Brand Referral Bonus program gives brands an opportunity to earn a bonus from non-Amazon marketing efforts and improve their advertising efficiency. The Brand Referral Bonus program credits Brands an average of 10 percent of sales from traffic you have driven to Amazon.

“The program helps you advertise efficiently by receiving the same bonus for customer purchases of additional products from the Brand up to 14 days after clicking on the ad. The program also helps you accelerate growth by improving the efficiency of your non-Amazon marketing efforts that drive referral traffic to Amazon.

“On average, Brands can earn a 10 percent bonus from their qualifying sales. To estimate your bonus, multiply your qualifying sales by the minimum bonus rate in the corresponding product category. Your actual bonus rate may vary based on inputs such as additional shipping and gift wrapping charges, which may vary between selling partners. The actual bonus applied to your sales can be viewed in your weekly bonus report. See estimated category bonus rate below.”

But will these programmes be effective for your Amazon business? Thompson and Holt senior case handler Laura Monk, who has significant experience selling on the site, believes that they are worth considering for certain Sellers.

Monk explained: “Advertising outside of Amazon can have a number of benefits that are worth taking into account. Platforms such as Facebook, Google and Instagram often allow you to target specific demographics that are more likely to purchase your product. You can also often be more creative outside of Amazon, both in terms of images and text.

“The downsides can be that it’s more expensive, because as well as paying for that external advertising, you’re also still paying Amazon fees. In those cases, you’ll need a higher return on ads spent to be profitable.

“But if your margins allow it, then it can be a way to both boost sales and climb Amazon rankings. One final consideration to make is that on the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus scheme, there is a two-month wait period before the bonus is allowed to your account, which allows for customer returns and cancellations.

“To sign up for Amazon Attribution you need to make sure you are enrolled in the Brand Registry programme or IP Accelerator program depending on your situation. You will need a live trademark to participate in Amazon IP Accelerator.

“Then, with a live Amazon account you can enrol first in Amazon Attribution and then register for the Brand Referral Bonus scheme. More details on this can be found in the Amazon Learning Console, which can walk you through setting up and then interpreting the data.

“At Thompson and Holt we would say that these schemes aren’t for every Seller, but in the right situation, and working alongside internal Amazon ads, they can definitely be beneficial for your business if used correctly.”

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

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