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What is Amazon’s new Daily Order Limit?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Amazon has introduced a new tool to help you handle and improve your delivery promises with the Daily Order Limit.

Ahead of the busiest time of the year, with Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, Amazon Sellers will be able to set a daily limit on the number of orders you can pack and ship, with a view to controlling exactly what you promise your customers and avoiding impacting on your metrics when the order is completed.

So how does it all work? Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White takes a look.

White explained: “This new feature allows you to set a daily limit for how many items you are able to ship. If you get one more order than your limit, one day will be added to handling time for all additional orders.

“What this does is ensure that your business is never overwhelmed, at a time when traditionally that can happen to some Sellers who are not equipped to deal with rising demand. The other primary benefit is that you may be able to set faster handling times than previously, while having a confidence that at no point will you be struggling to deal with over-promising and under-delivering.

“Once you’ve received the maximum number of orders that you’ve set for each day, your metrics won’t be negatively impacted if customers continue to place orders, because you’ll have another day to ship the remainder.

“At Thompson and Holt we feel this is a sensible addition by Amazon and one that can really benefit Sellers. It means you can manage expected and unexpected sales, set and deliver faster handling times if you’re able to, and crucially, reduce the risk of Late Dispatch Rate during any particularly busy periods. It seems a sensible measure to take ahead of Black Friday and Christmas.

“It’s important to note as well that this feature is limited to seller-fulfilled, standard shipping orders for domestic and out-of-country locations. It does not apply to Prime and Premium shipping orders.”

If you wish to set this new feature, visit:, which is in the Handling Time settings.

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