Appeal the removal of selling privileges

If you are looking at this page it is likely that your have searched for the words 'appeal the removal of selling privileges' as you received an email from Amazon who have suspended your account. Amazon will have told you to search for 'appeal the removal of selling privileges' in the Seller Central Help. You should look at the Seller Central Help as it has lots of useful information about how to appeal. What The Seller Central Hub doesn't do is write the appeal for you, that is where Thompson and Holts 18 years of knowledge and expertise is invaluable. 

Writing a successful appeal letter and plan of action can be difficult especially at a very stressful time for business owners. If you are not a confident writer or are unsure of what Amazon are asking for you should seek help. there are lots of places where you can seek advice including the Seller Central Help and Amazon Seller Account forums

If you search for 'appeal the removal of selling privileges' on the Seller Central Help you will see a page which has three questions

1. Why have my selling privileges been removed?
2. What can I do to keep selling on Amazon?
3. How do I create a Plan of Action?

Why have my selling privileges been removed?

You must understand why your account has been suspended. Amazon will give you a list of common reasons why this has happened and they are broken down into three areas

1. Poor performance, i.e., customer metrics (order defect rate, cancellation rate, and/or late shipment rate) do not meet our performance targets.
2. Violations of our Selling Policies.
3. Violations of our rules about Prohibited Content and/or product restrictions. 


What can I do to keep selling on Amazon?

This is what you are thinking is the most important question to answer as you have probably seen a huge dip in sales for your business and you need to get reinstated as soon as possible. 

Amazon are very helpful and tell you what steps to take to appeal your suspension - these are listed below.

Step 1: Determine why your selling privileges have been removed
Read the notice you received from Amazon to determine whether your selling privileges have been removed for poor performance, or for one or more violations of our selling policies and agreements.

Step 2: Evaluate your selling practices
Review your customer metrics and identify those that do not meet our performance targets. Evaluate your selling practices for those that may result in buyer dissatisfaction, and your inventory for items that are in violation of our policies and agreements. 

Step 3: Create a Plan of Action
Create a Plan of Action outlining the steps you will take to correct the problems you identified in Step 2. Providing a precise Plan of Action that can effectively address the problems gives your account a better chance of being reinstated.


Step 4: Send your appeal to Amazon
Once you've created your Plan of Action, send it to Seller Performance with your request for reinstatement. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Notification page of the Customer Metrics section of your account, find the notice you received about removal of your selling privileges, and click the Appeal button. A text box will appear for you to use to send your appeal. 


Step 5: Watch your e-mail for a decision from Amazon
After receiving your Plan of Action, we'll notify you of our decision by e-mail, usually within 48 hours. We review all appeals carefully; however, submission of an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement of your account.

How do I create a Plan of Action?

This is what we find Amazon Sellers find the most difficult, in most cases the customer has the right intentions and genuinely does want to rectify their mistakes but sometimes its a lack of understanding of how to articulate the information to Amazon. 

Amazon provide examples of a plan of actions and they can be found here the examples are only that, examples. You will need to put together your own plan of action which is unique to your business.

Throughout the whole process you need to remember that Amazon is only protecting its customers, Amazon do not have any hidden agendas and they will always present you with the facts. Therefore its important that you present them with unique facts about your suspension. 

Thompson and Holt have a much quicker reinstatement time if we put together the appeal letter this is usually within 3 working days but if you have already appealed and are stuck in the 'circle of automated emails' because you haven't addressed Amazons concerns it usually takes 3-5 days depending upon how quickly Amazon respond and the circumstances of your account. 

If you are going to appeal the suspension it's very important that you learn from the suspension and run your account correctly in the future. Now you know what will happen if you do not run your account properly and I'm sure you will agree that you do not want to go through this process again. 

We specialise in helping Amazon Sellers get their accounts reinstated, if you would like a free assessment to see if we can help you please get in touch now via Live Chat or complete the yellow enquiry form or email us.

Appeal the removal of seling privileges
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"I was a little sceptical at first but desperate to get selling on Amazon. I completed the form on the website and sent a few emails Steven responded to my initial email within 15 minutes, I can remember it was 10 o’clock at night, I didn’t think anyone would answer. Steven put my mind at rest and explained that they deal with the same queries every week and for me not to worry – easy for him to say as this was my livelihood! He put an action plan together, he certainly knew the correct things to say to Amazon. If you have had your Amazon account suspended it’s the worst feeling ever - don't mess about making a plan of action yourself only to have it rejected by Amazon like I did. Speak to Thompson and Holt and leave it to the professionals you will have your account back. My Amazon account was up and running the very next day. I would definitely recommend Thompson and Holt to anyone looking for help."

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