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The seven most common questions about Amazon Seller Feedback

Amazon Seller Feedback is a crucial part of successfully selling on the platform.

Because Amazon is so customer-focused, it places significant importance on the feedback it receives from buyers, how that reflects their experience on the site, and specifically on buying from you. So it’s important to understand how it works, why it’s so integral to success, and the best ways to use the system. Thompson and Holt managing partner Craig Gedey answers the seven most common questions about Amazon Seller Feedback.

1. Exactly what is Amazon Seller Feedback?

Craig Gedey: “After each Amazon purchase, the customer has 90 days to submit their feedback on a scale of one to five rating your business’ performance. The rating takes into account your approach to shipping, customer service, and the general experience of buying from you - but not the product itself. Your overall rating is worked out as an average, which is public, and in crowded market places, that can help customer sway towards or away from your business.”

2. What is the difference between Amazon Seller Feedback and product reviews?

CG: “Amazon Seller Feedback focuses on your performance as a business, where as product reviews look at the specific item that has been purchased. Seller Feedback is based on your shipping and customer service, and can be left as many times as a customer chooses to buy from you. The product reviews look wholly at the item that a customer has bought, and can only be rated once per product.”

3. How crucial is Amazon Seller Feedback to my business?

CG: “In short, very. When there are so many outlets for people to purchase from through Amazon, the businesses with the best ratings will inevitably stand out. Your Seller Rating is displayed prominently to help customers decide which company to buy from, it’s a key part of the site. And in addition to that, Seller Feedback affects the Amazon Buy Box - seen by many as the gold standard for product listings - and can also lead to suspensions from the site if, for example, your Order Defect Rate is too high.”

4. How does Amazon Seller Feedback work?

CG: “Customers can leave Amazon Seller Feedback in one of two ways - directly from their orders page, or from the site’s designated feedback page. They have 90 days to do that and are asked yes/no questions that include whether the item arrived on time and did it match the description in the listing. They are then asked to rate the experience out of five stars, five being the best and one the worst. There is another factor to understand as well - four and five star reviews are considered positive, one and two negative, and three neutral. Three star reviews can still hurt your standing on the site, because Amazon states how many reviews have been positive - effectively including three star reviews in the negative category.”

5. What can I do to get customers to leave positive feedback?

CG: “There are clear rules on what you can’t do here, which are cited in the next question. But what you can do is simply ask customers - politely - through Amazon’s messaging service. On top of that, maintaining best practise on several important fronts is the easiest way to garner positive feedback - your shipping, your returns policy and writing accurate product listings that fit all of Amazon’s guidelines.”

6. What can’t I do to to get customers to leave positive feedback?

CG: “There are four key rules to remember here. You can’t incentivise by offering payment, free gifts or any other perks for positive feedback. You should only ask for feedback once per order, and after the customer has received their delivery. Respect buyers who opt-out from receiving feedback messages. And don’t attempt to pressure customers into leaving feedback in any way.”

7. How can I get negative Amazon Seller Feedback removed?

CG: “There are two ways to do this if you feel that the negative feedback you’ve received has been undeserved - perhaps if your package has been lost in the mail. The first is by speaking to Amazon. They can also help if a customer has left a review in the wrong category. You can also speak directly to the customer through the Feedback Manager Dashboard, where you can offer refunds or a replacement. If you manage to resolve the issue with them you can then politely ask them to remove the negative feedback.”

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