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When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Details have started to emerge about the potential date for Amazon Price 2022.

Various websites and blogs have picked up on the fact that Amazon’s has announced its cut-off date for deliveries that will be eligible for Prime shopping, pointing to two specific possibilities.

The cut-off date is June 20, and means that third-party merchants who sell on the Amazon Marketplace have until then to ensure they have sufficient merchandise in fulfillment centres to meet Prime Day demand. In the FBA system, Amazon stores, packs, picks and ships orders for sellers from its global network of centres and warehouses.

In previous years, the inventory cut-off date has been around 24 days before Prime Day, to give everyone involved ample time to plan for the expected increase in sales. That has led analysts to speculate that either July 11 or July 18 - both Fridays - are the most likely dates for Amazon Prime Day 2022, with the retailing giant expected to avoid the previous week given that it coincides with Independence Day in the USA.

Thompson and Holt managing partner Craig Gedey says that, particular in light of this latest news, it is never too soon for Sellers to begin preparing for Amazon Prime Day.

Gedey explained: “Amazon Prime Day can provide a significant fillip for any Seller. Such is the online buzz now around the event, that any shop connected to the retailer can make the most of the opportunities that arise.

“Make sure you are already starting to analyse your stock levels, and if you are planning any particular promotions relating to certain products, you need to be in a position to be able to fulfil any spikes in orders. Look to start those promotion and advertising campaigns two weeks around before the event, and take your time to fully research and implement the best key words in your product descriptions.

“The figures around the event are eye-opening. In 2021 alone, consumers purchased $11.2 billion worth of goods on Amazon during Prime Day, up almost eight percent on the previous year. Previous years grew even bigger than that. What started off as a method to celebrate Amazon’s 20th year in business back in 2015 has become a major retailing event of its own.

“Stats have also shown that third-party marketplace sellers saw their sales grow at a higher rate than Amazon-owned products, so this is a chance for everybody to capitalise on. Make sure you are organised, well prepared and familiar with the best ways to make the most of the event, and it could provide a timely mid-year boost to sales for your business.”

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

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