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Amazon review manipulation - how to successfully boost your business without breaking the rules

Selling products through Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) can have significant benefits for your business.

Being an Amazon FBA seller gives businesses extra credibility with buyers - being part of that programme provides an element of trust for customers, not least because they know that Amazon will deal with issues or problems that can arise.

Additionally, it allows your business to access shipping options such as Amazon Prime free Two-Day Shipping, Free Shipping and Super Saver Shipping.

There are ways to further enhance this platform through increasing your Amazon reviews, although this is a path that needs to be trodden carefully to avoid an Amazon review manipulation suspension.

Should the worst happen and that occur, then you need to contact Thompson and Holt quickly in order to get your business back selling online in the shortest possible time. Using their Amazon Appeal Service often saves time and money to Amazon Sellers.

There are certainly ways to lift your online business above the other Amazon Seller crowd legitimately, with these five key tips illustrating how.

1. Make the most of your FBA status

Having that FBA tag automatically provides trust, assurance and security for customers, so you need to make sure that they know that your business is part of the programme.

Thompson and Holt managing parter Craig Gedey explained: “Emphasise this both on your product listings on site, but also on your businesses’ own website.

“It will make a difference to potential customers looking at a host of sellers online and give you an edge over Sellers who are not FBA.”

2. Focus on building your reviews

Having a significant number of positive reviews is one of the most effective ways to improve your Amazon ranking.

“Be as proactive as possible in encouraging reviews from all of your customers,” Thompson and Holt’s Gedey said.

“Review your customer contact strategy and make it as customer centric as possible. Make sure these emails to not breach Amazons Policies for collecting reviews.

“Many Sellers we speak to use friends and family to buy products and review them during the first seven days of a listing, this can give your product a timely boost as well. However this comes with a risk and could cause a suspension. We have seen many Sellers suspended for this as Amazon still categorise this as Review Manipulation, we wouldn't advise Sellers to request friends and family to leave reviews.”

3. Understand how to use keywords

“This is an absolutely crucial one in generating sales for your Amazon FBA business,” managing partner Gedey stressed.

“Ranking highly on Amazon searches is the number one way to attract the most customers possible, so you need to do some research before writing them.

“You need keywords that are both linked to a high number of relevant searches, but also which convert into sales.

“On that front, keeping records and collecting data on the performances of your own keywords is vital.

“It’s also worth checking out Amazon keyword research tools such as Keyworx which can be invaluable, especially when you’re starting out.”

4. Investigate email marketing

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that customers now dismiss all marketing emails as spam, because that certainly isn’t the case.

“Email marketing still has a very prominent role to play for businesses, not least because your audience is often already interested in your products through previous purchases,” Thompson and Holt’s Gedey explained.

“You can use special offers, newsletters or tell customers about the launch of new products - all have proved to be effective for online sellers in the past.

“Maintain and build your email list and don’t let it go unused.”

5. Consider pay-per-click advertising

This is the most expensive option to look into, but shouldn’t be discounted because of that according to managing partner Craig Gedey.

He said: “PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, still has a place in boosting sales when used alongside tactics such as those we’ve already outlined.

“In particular it can give a vital lift to that vital seven-day period after you launch your product, outlined above.

“Amazon has a whole host of paid advertising options that are worth investigating, while away from the site, Google Adwords, Content Networks and Facebook are other options.

“Try and keep a record of what works for your business and repeat in the future if it needs an additional boost.”

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