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How does Amazon know if you have Multiple Seller Accounts?

Amazon is such a competitive and lucrative market now that businesses will try anything to boost their sales.

Amazon strictly forbids Sellers from running multiple accounts as part of its terms and conditions. But that hasn't stopped companies and websites now producing step-by-step guides to getting around those, such can be the rewards for boosting sales and ratings.

Thompson and Holt strongly recommends that Amazon Sellers do not pursue this procedure, with managing partner Craig Gedey explaining exactly why.

Gedey said: “The level of detail behind the ways to get around Amazon’s rules is becoming more and more sophisticated.

“They take you through up to 20 stages of creating alias addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers and telephone numbers. They guide you through how to run cleaning software, change your IP address and set up new bank accounts.

“They then encourage you to sell unavailable products that are not related to your other Amazon accounts, and explain how to avoid the Amazon vendor censorship through user and store names.

“These scams can be particularly prevalent in China, mainly because the country has a lot of small email providers that do not have partnerships with international countries, making them more difficult to track and link to specific Amazon accounts. Similarly, they are confident that Amazon will not ring Chinese telephone numbers, even encouraging you to use family members’ numbers if you live there.

“The use of VPNs (virtual private networks) is also explained, and the pitfalls of using ones that can be linked to multiple Amazon accounts. They then carefully explain how to avoid Amazon’s sales restrictions.

“But there are reasons for Amazon to ban this practise - it can ruin both Sellers and Customers’ experiences. Amazon accounts with falsely inflated ratings and sales often under deliver and provide experiences that fall well below what their profile suggests.

“The issue has reached the extent that some companies in China now offer open training courses to hone the art of operating multiple Amazon accounts.

“But it is a practise fraught with danger. Amazon traces accounts through a multitude of ways, from your IP address to browsers and browser plug-ins, computer operating systems and cookies. They keep track of under names, email addresses and passwords, and any false steps can trigger their sophisticated systems.

“Once that happens, all of your Amazon accounts are at risk of being suspended or closed. If you have fallen foul of that process, then you should contact Thompson and Holt for advice on what to do next.”

A simple Google search ‘how to open multiple amazon seller accounts’ finds dozens of websites and articles explain how to open multiple Amazon accounts.

These websites claim Amazon mainly tracks sellers from the following aspects:

· User's IP address

· Amazon user login name

· Email address

· Amazon login password

· Browser and browser plugin

· Computer operating system

· Cookies stored on your computer, including text and Flash cookies

The sites also provide a checklist on how to circumvent Amazons due diligence checks which include

Multi Amazon Accounts Quick Start Guide:

1. Create an alias.

2. Create an alias address.

3. Create an alias email address.

4. Create an alias phone number.

5. Create an alias credit card number.

6. Create an alias address.

7. Create a new login window.

8. Disable the original wireless and LAN connection of your PC.

9. Run the cleanup software and delete all cookies.

10. Enable your alias to connect to the Internet.

11. Delete the folder on your PC.

12. Connect to the Internet using another web browser .

13. Check your IP address to make sure it is unique.

14. Write down your alias for future reference.

15. Sign up for an Amazon seller account.

16. Sell fake products that are not related to the past on Amazon.

17. Create a new bank account.

18. It takes 24 to 48 hours to sell your actual product.

19. Add your new bank account to your Amazon account after 15 to 30 days.

In order to avoid the account being associated with the previous account, the following issues should be noted when creating a new account:

User name and store name: User name and store name cannot be too similar to the previous account. Otherwise, the Amazon seller review process will be triggered, and there was an example of being innocently closed due to the same user name in the US.

Registered address: A registered address can use a fake address. Because Amazon does not send anything to the Chinese seller's registered address, but if the address is too similar to the previous account, it will also trigger the Amazon seller review process.

Register different emails: Register different emails: New account registrations generally use popular free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Amazon will track your email messages in a variety of ways, such as photo probes. When you open the image, the image includes the link to Amazon. Once connected, the relevant information on your router will be visible.

The best way to avoid detection is to use an inconspicuous free email service provider, which is easy for Chinese sellers because most of the small email providers in the country have no cooperation with foreign countries. If it is not convenient, you can use the email forwarding option. There are a lot of them on online, a simple search will give you thousands of choices.

Create a registered phone number: You can use your friend's or family's phone when signing up for a new account. This is the easiest way, because Amazon won't call Chinese sellers. It's important to make sure your registered phone number has never been used, or Amazon will close your account directly.

Creating a Credit Card Information Alias Credit card is one of the most important elements of your new account. Once your credit card has been used by another Amazon account, it can't be used again. It's important to carefully select your alias credit card because Amazon strictly monitors the credit card's seller account.

In the case of exhausted credit card resources, purchasing a prepaid credit card in the United States should be considered and then we can refill $50 to $100 for signing up for an Amazon account.

Create a new IP address: Each time you log in to your own seller account, Amazon will track and record your IP address. When your IP address of a seller account is the same or similar to the closed or previous IP, the new account will be closed or the registration will fail. Replacing a network service provider is the quickest way. Because in the same area, Unicom's regional IP address is similar. You need to replace the mobile network so that it won't be discovered by Amazon.

The sites also include how to avoid your Amazon account being reviewed in the first 30 days these tips include

In the first month, mass sales of products must be avoided. Products with new account sales must have a tracking number.

If your new account has been active for more than 30 days, you can increase your monthly sales by more than 40%. Sales restrictions will not disappear, it is important to actively monitor your sales to avoid a dramatic increase of more than 40%.

In case the account is too large to enter the Review state, you can contact the customer service and provide relevant information to request the release of the review status.

If the information is not complete, you should be especially cautious within 30 days of account registration, because once the review fails, the seller's account will be closed.

Amazon Sellers Can Apply for a Second Account

Amazon Sellers can actually apply for a second account, if the site decides you have a “legitimate business need” for one. You can apply through the “Contact Us” then “Selling on Amazon” sections of the website.

Amazon explains: “You must have a separate bank account for each Seller Central account. We will not approve multiple Seller Central accounts that use the same bank account within the same region. If you sell across regions (for example in North America and Europe), you can use the same bank account for your Seller Central accounts as long as your accounts are linked though Amazon Global Selling.

“Each account must have a separate email address. The products and services sold in each account must be different. Your Performance Metrics must be in good standing.”

Amazon promises to respond to requests for a second account within two to three business days.

How to Open a Second Amazon Seller Account

If Amazon gives you permission for a second account they require the following: a separate bank account, separate email, and separate credit card. They do not require a separate business or personal entity.

Open a case with Amazon. Click Selling on Amazon, then select Your account, and then select Other account issues.

We've found there’s one keyword that Amazon is hyper-sensitive about that will increase your likelihood of getting approval for a second account: sales tax. Here’s a template email to send to Amazon:

Dear Amazon,

We are considering opening a new business in the near future. This new business will have separate sales tax requirements and customer service emails/phone numbers.

Can you tell me how we can setup multiple sales tax requirements for different products within our account as well as different customer service emails/phone numbers?

If this is not possible, can you please give us permission to open a second Seller Central Account? I understand we will require separate email addresses, bank information, and credit card information.

Even if you never open up a second business, Amazon will not care if they ask to see permission for the second account.

If you get rejected, I suggest trying every month or so until you get permission, as whether you are granted permission or not seems to be a subjective decision granted by that particular customer service rep.

Once you get permission from Seller Central for a second account, then this will be your golden ticket. You will likely get inquiries from Amazon from time to time asking why you have multiple accounts and you can simply point them to this case ID.

Thompson and Holt provide free advice and help on all issue relating to Amazon suspensions, to learn more visit www.thompsonandholt.com

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