• Craig Gedey

Huge increase in Amazon verification cases

Thompson and Holt has reported a massive increase in enquiries related to account verification, as Amazon steps up its attempts to stop counterfeiting on the site.

Amazon this week published its Brand Protection Report, where it outlined increased efforts to verify every new seller that joins the site. Amazon said its brand protection strategy focused on three main categories: proactive controls, powerful tools for brands, and holding counterfeiters accountable.

The report stated: “We continued to scale in-person verification and by the end of the year, 100% of new sellers were required to pass this verification if they wanted to sell in our stores for the U.S. (Amazon.com), U.K., Canada, EU member countries, Japan, and several other countries.

“We stopped over 2.5 million attempts to create new selling accounts before they were able to publish a single product for sale, a decrease from over six million attempts the prior year. Our robust seller vetting and our efforts to hold bad actors accountable are deterring bad actors from attempting to enter our store.”

Amazon has also confirmed that last year, its Brand Registry program grew to include over 700,000 active brands, an increase of 40 percent from 2020. “At the same time, the average number of valid notices of infringement submitted by a brand in Brand Registry decreased by 25 percent from the prior year.”

In addition, Amazon released details of its Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU), which has been made up of former law enforcement officials who work with current law enforcement agencies, including customs agencies, since being established in 2020.

Amazon added: “CCU has disrupted counterfeiters and their networks through civil suits, along with joint enforcement actions and seizures with law enforcement worldwide, including against suppliers, logistics providers, social media influencers, and fake invoice providers.”

Thompson and Holt managing partner Craig Gedey says the company has already seen the impact of Amazon’s moves. Gedey explained: “We have had a 1,000 percent increase of enquiries on these policies. Amazon is certainly investing time and money into trying to stamp out the practise of counterfeiting.

“That is something we certainly welcome at Thompson and Holt, and which will benefit all ethical sellers, as well as the consumers, increasing the trust for Amazon across the board. Whether these stricter measures adversely affect genuine sellers who perhaps don’t fully understand their systems when they first join the site remains to be seen, and is something we will certainly be keeping a close eye on.”

Amazon’s full Brand Registry Report can be read on this page: https://brandservices.amazon.com/progressreport

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