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The key facts about Amazon Seller Support

Updated: Feb 14

Amazon Support can offer a valuable outlet for Sellers to remedy problems, and be the source of frustration when it can’t.

Amazon Seller Support is a dedicated team put together to assist Sellers with any queries they might have related to a whole host of issues with their businesses.

While it would be unwise to consider it a fool-proof way out of any problem, it is a resource that can be highly useful to Sellers on occasions. These are some of the things it can help you with:

  • A suppressed or inactive listing Product page changes to title, description, and brand names

  • Missing FBA inventory or stranded inventory

  • Adding a new product effectively

  • Completing a GTIN exemption application

  • Customer order problems

  • Failed or delayed disbursements

  • Reinstatement of a suspended seller account

Here Thompson and Holt managing partner Stuart White looks at how to contact Amazon Seller Support, how the system works and offers tips on how best to use the feature.

White explains: “When you go to the help section in Seller Central, there is a menu that lists various support categories. Choose the most specific item that reflects your support needs at the time. On each category there is a drop down menu with more specific options to choose from.

“In some cases this can help solve your issues without having to open a case with Amazon Seller Support. For example, it can tell you why a listing has become inactive, and how you can remedy it.

“But in many cases you will need to contact Amazon Seller Support and open up a case. You can do that by going to the top right of the page in Seller Central and clicking on ‘Help’. Further down is “Need more help?” and “Get Support”.

“Then there are two options - the most commonly used is ‘Selling on Amazon’. In there you can describe your issue in writing, after which Amazon will offer you possible solutions. Again, this can lead to your problem being resolved without opening up a support case.

“In this section there is also the option to open up a case and talk to somebody on the phone. There isn’t a specific phone number for you to call, instead you have to go through the process of opening a support case and you will be able to enter your number so that they can call you.

“There isn’t an email address to use either, with the system working in a similar way whereby they contact you if you choose the email option. There is no chat option when contacting Seller Support.

“If you have a pressing issue like a suppressed listing that is costing you sales, it’s advisable to speak on the phone as quickly as possible. The agents are often very helpful, and are well versed in Amazon’s systems. After you’ve done this, your case will be recorded in your account ‘case log’.

“At Thompson and Holt we would recommend that you have all the relevant information for your issue ready before making contact with Amazon, which will significantly speed up the process once you’re in contact with them. Use as much detail as possible in a clear manner, and they usually require the email address associated with your seller account, as well as the last four digits of the credit card on file.

“If you are facing multiple issues with your account or products, only open one case per issue. Trying to do multiple ones at the same time can cause confusion that slows down the process.

“There will be times when you receive an automated response asking for more details. Try and be as specific as you can in your reply, and include screenshots and attachments if they help. If that doesn’t help progress the case then speaking on the phone is advisable to speed the process up.

“At Thompson and Holt we would always recommend staying calm when dealing with Amazon Seller Support - being rude, dismissive or awkward is not going to accelerate the time it takes to resolve your problem. You do have the option to escalate your case to a higher level support team called The Captive Team. That is made up of of highly trained seller support agents that have access to more advanced tools and knowledge to resolve complicated issues facing Amazon sellers.

“There are also times when Amazon Seller Support won’t be able to resolve your issue in a suitably quick manner, particularly if that relates to the suspension of your account. In those cases, contact Thompson and Holt to return online in the quickest possible time.”

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

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