• Craig Gedey

The Magnificent Seven Secrets to the Amazon Sales Rank

For Amazon Sellers, the Amazon Sales Rank is just about the most important factor in trading on the platform.

Amazon Sales Rank

This is how Amazon itself describes the system. “The Amazon Sales Rank is a number which captures the item’s popularity in a certain category, sales rank exists for all products who are part of a category (some products don’t have a category). The Sales Rank interval can be between 1 and 1 million+. A higher number means you are not getting a lot sales while a smaller numbers shows that your product is selling well. For short the Sales Rank means the period of time since an item last sold. Ideally the period between two sales should be as small as possible.”

How your product ranks can be the key to unlocking big sales, and as such, there has been plenty of analysis into how the system works. The Amazon Sales Rank is a complicated process that takes many things into consideration, and is something that has been debated extensively among the Amazon seller community.

But there are key signals that can help shape your Amazon Sales Rank positively, which Thompson and Holt managing partner Craig Gedey has broken into seven easy-to-understand pointers.

1. Sales are the ultimate key

It sounds obvious, but there are new Amazon Sellers that are shocked by not having a good Best Seller Ranking when they first launch their product. That product may be unique in the category, but it doesn’t gift you a strong ranking. You need to quickly gather consistent sales to start climbing the seller rank ladder, so consider special promotions or pricing when you launch to get you moving as quickly as possible.

2. Do your research

Invest some time in finding the right product to sell on Amazon before launching, it can be hugely helpful in trying to gain a strong Best Seller Ranking. Either go for categories where you know demand is strong and don’t be afraid of competition, or target a specific niche that still has demand, but is not being suitably serviced by potential competitors. Check out their listings and look for poor quality products or poor customer experiences, and aim to provide a superior product and service.

3. Sales history is vital

The best way to get a good Best Seller Ranking is to focus on getting consistent daily sales as quickly as possible. It works like a school report, indicating how you have performed as a business. You need to work hard to make sure that you’re graded well by the system, paying attention to detail that will improve future sales.

4. Recent sales are most important

A spike in sales will see your Best Seller Ranking rise quickly, which is great. But it has it’s downside too - if you can’t maintain that, you’ll soon see it plummeting as well, and that in turn can affect your keyword rankings. So aim for consistent sales that are gradually increasing. One way to increase Amazon sales is to boost the number of Amazon reviews, this gives the buyer more confidence in the items you sell.

5. Take the seasons into account

You might have discovered a product that has a particularly good Best Seller Ranking on Amazon and are looking into providing it yourself. But be conscious of the time of year when doing your research. Hats and scarves might have a great Best Seller Ranking in mid-winter, but if you overstock them as the weather starts to turn, you’re heading for disappointment. In that sense Best Seller Rankings can deceive you, so be aware of the seasonal changes for some products and again aim for those with consistent year-round sales.

6. Orders not units are important

There has been detailed research into this, and it has found that an order of 25 units has the same weight for Best Seller Rankings as an order of one. So shifting a high volume of units won’t give you the boost you’re looking for (although will help your keyword ranking). It’s the number of orders you’re looking to increase.

7. Don’t panic with one day drops

Barely any business can maintain high sales on a daily basis, and there are always likely to be quieter periods. Amazon understands that, so a sales drop on one given day won’t significantly harm your Best Seller Ranking, although it can have a small impact. Once the drop extends to four or five days however, then you could start to slide. Again, having a consistent Sales History is vital in avoiding that kind of fluctuation.

There are lots of Amazon Gurus on the internet now especially in Facebook groups who make bold promises of increasing your Amazon Sales Rank. If you decide to use the services of a company or individual who can increase your Sales Rank please make sure they do this compliantly as we receive lots of enquiries every week from Sellers who have used activity deemed to be a breach of Amazons Business Solutions Agreement and have their Amazon Seller account suspended.

If you have found yourself suspended while selling on Amazon, contact Thompson and Holt for a free LiveChat to get your Amazon Seller business back online as quickly as possible.

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