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Top 10 Reasons for Amazon Seller Suspensions – 2016


Here is a list of the reasons why Amazon Sellers have had their account suspended. The results are from the first 100 customers in 2016. Many customers had multiple reasons for their suspension, the most significant reason was recorded.

  1. Inauthentic

  2. Selling Prohibited Items

  3. Negative Feedback

  4. Opening a New Account after Being Suspended

  5. Rights Owner Notice Complaint

  6. Selling Counterfeit Items

  7. Duplicate Accounts

  8. Late Shipment Rate

  9. Used Item Sold As New

  10. Not as Advertised/Wrong Item


As you can see there are many reasons why Sellers get suspended from Amazon. All of these reasons for suspension can be easily avoided if Sellers read Amazons Policies.

Nobody is perfect and sometime Sellers make genuine mistakes. The good news is that Amazon allow Sellers to appeal their suspension and most of the time providing the appeal letter and plan of action is well written Amazon reinstate the Sellers.

What is interesting is the number of Sellers who have received multiple suspensions. The table below shows the number of times Sellers have been suspended.


How many times had customers been suspended?

First Suspension               70%

Second Suspension             15%

Third Suspension                 9%

Fourth Suspension               6%

The good news is that Amazon will reinstate Sellers who have had multiple suspensions again this depends on the Sellers history and the reasons for previous suspensions.


Average Time to get reinstated

Under 24 hours                 10%

25-48 hours                     20%

3- 4 days                         50%

5+ days                            20%


If you are an Amazon Seller who has been suspended we can help you get reinstated, the first step is to get in touch. You can do this by Live Chat, email us at or completing the yellow enquiry form.

Amazon appeal
Our 5 Step process is Simple
Suspended Amazon Seller Account Appeal Free Enquiry Form


Success! Message received.

  1. Complete the Enquiry form, we will tell you if we can help or not. (in 2016 we have been able to help 100% of customers)

  2. Pay the fee of £400

  3. We will then send you a bespoke Amazon Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

  4. Wait for Amazon to send you the "Your Amazon account has been reinstated"

  5. Start Selling again on Amazon



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