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What to do if you receive a 72 Hour Amazon Suspension Notice

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Amazon Sellers can find themselves served with 72 Hour Amazon Suspension Notices over their accounts.

These can centre around a variety of different issues on their accounts, and require the Seller to then write a Plan of Action in order to avoid suspension.

It’s an area that Thompson and Holt specialises in, with managing partner Craig Gedey explaining what to do in these circumstances.

Gedey said: “Amazon do not always provide specific information over the reason for a suspension, so as a Seller you need to forensically look at your own account to work out the exact cause. The key things to look into are your feedback, performance notifications and Amazon’s email to you.

There are many reasons why Amazon would issue a Seller a 72 hour notice of suspension these include review manipulation, inauthentic items, late shipment, IP claims (especially if the Seller is Selling High Risk Brands on Amazon), high ODR to name but a few.

“What Amazon are looking for is making moves towards doing whatever is necessary to keep consumers happy, within a well written Appeal and Plan of Action. You need to outline what you are going to do immediately to fix the problem in question and submit the appeal within 72 hours.

“Taking preventative measures to avoid the situation happening again is key, and articulating clearly how your are going to do that within your Plan of Action.

“Once you have submitted that, Amazon will respond to let you know that either your account has been reinstated or that they require further information.

“The way you write your Plan of Action is absolutely crucial to avoid suspension - it should include addressing the problem, what immediate corrective action you are going to carry out, and then changes to your business to avoid it happening again in the future.

“This is an area that Thompson and Holt has vast experience in so get in touch with us if you are having difficulties. Using template responses from the Internet will not help your cause - Amazon needs to see specific proposals relevant your your own individual case.”

A look on the Amazon Services Seller Forums can find specific examples and how they dealt with the issue. ‘CHEETAH_DEALS’ posted the following earlier this year looking for feedback to this Plan of Action.


I am responding with an invoice and a plan of action to a policy warning that was brought to my attention on March 9, 2019 for the following product:

– ASIN: B017L4BM90, Superior Eco-Friendly 12-Piece Face Towel Set, 100% Ring-Spun Combed Cotton, Brown

– Infringement Type: Potential Counterfeit

– Amazon store name: XXXXXXXX

Below I share the Root Causes of Complaints, a plan of action, supplier information and an invoice.


For B017L4BM90, I have reviewed the Amazon Intellectual Property Policy and read the following statement:

“You might be able to sell someone else’s copyrighted work on Amazon if you have received permission from the copyright owner or if your use is protected by the “first sale” doctrine. The first sale doctrine generally permits the resale of a genuine, lawfully purchased physical item (such as a book or CD) without permission from the copyright owner.”

In this case I did not create or edit the listing, however we did not receive permission from the rights owner to list their product on Amazon. The product was purchased from a supplier, Your Online Solutions LLC, that acquires inventory from Amazon liquidation. I mistakenly purchased this and added ourselves to the listing. I believe the root cause of the complaint is completely my fault in that I added the product on the listing without permission from the brand owner.

I have called and emailed the brand owner at XXXXXXXXXXXX to apologize and resolve the complaint, and am still waiting to hear back.


I have removed myself from the listing and will no longer sell this product

I have not purchased any additional liquidation lots from XXXXXXX and will never purchase inventory from this supplier again, or any other type of liquidation company

I have removed/disposed all inventory purchased from XXXXXXX (see Removal Order Detail attachment)

I have performed an account review and verified that all of our inventory comes from suppliers who are selling only genuine, authentic and high-quality merchandise

I will only purchase from manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors that can offer proof and paperwork showing the full chain of custody for authentic products

I have verified that all descriptions, content and images accurately describe and show the product that customers receive upon purchase. This will ensure that customers see and receive exactly what they expect

I will continue to manage and monitor listings which we sell on, messages from customers, seller feedback, and comments on returns. This will allow us to proactively identify any problems our customers are experiencing with our products

I am making sure that customers always know our products are new and authentic, and that we offer a 100-percent money-back guarantee in our email and Seller Central correspondence

I am making sure customers receive timely correspondence regarding any concerns or product complaints

I now know better that we must do a better job to find and use suppliers that offer quality products and can ensure a complete chain of custody for products. I regret this sourcing mistake, but are 100% committed to this never happening again and have cleaned our account of any product that came from that bad supplier.

Please let me know if you need any additional information to avoid suspending my account, I’m more than happy to provide anything you need.”

As you can see, the Seller in question, ‘CHEETAH_DEALS’, is addressing the specific issues to their account, rather than using generic ones that some companies try to push online. The Seller has proactively addressed what they did wrong and worked to remedy the situation. Responses to the post further down indicate that they avoided suspension and the Plan of Action worked.

It can be a daunting process if you are unfamiliar with it, but Thompson and Holt has vast experience in compiling successful Plan of Actions, so get in touch if you need to either avoid suspension or get back online as quickly as possible. If your situation requires immediate assistance please follow this link and speak to an Amazon Appeal Expert or alternately visit Thompson and Holt.

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